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Custom Printed Rugs Providing Beauty and Value to Your Room

Buy custom printed rugs from a well-known company in Panipat, Artex Home Fashions. Our printed rugs have traditional and colorful print designs on the rugs to catch the attention of the customers. Match the color of the rug with the surroundings to give an attractive appearance to your living room, bedroom, or dining room. The print on the rugs is very delicate, fine, and of the highest premium quality. The fabric threads have a thick texture with the maintenance of the highest quality standards. Custom printed rugs follow a specific design according to the given plan with fine embroidery and imprinting to give the rugs a glorious look. Our custom rugs have designs with approval before the application of the printing patterns of the plain rugs mesh-work. For custom designing, we have many artistic interior design experts with good qualification and experience to apply the design according to the customer’s needs. Remove dust and stains by covering the floor of your house with our custom printed rugs. Custom rugs absorb moisture and prevent the accumulation of water on the floor. We have a legacy of producing carpets with aesthetic beauty. Get home décor according to your requirements.

The experts working with us are very skillful to imprint the designs on the plain rug mats with the use of different colors. Get a range of traditional and modern rugs available in different shapes, sizes, and dimensions. The price quotations for the different rugs varies according to the shape, size, and material used for manufacturing the rugs. Advancement in technology helps in designing the best quality rugs for your home interiors. We have many different kinds of embroidery, braiding, stitching, and imprinting machines to synthesize a number of different rugs with various patterns. We use needle tufting and embedding machines to provide any imprinting design to the rugs. We also have a range of hand-woven digital rugs that are very colorful. We use the highest quality yarns for designing the rugs. Being in the class of the topmost rugs manufacturers in India we do not compromise on the quality standards.


Handwovenkilim rug for your house


Kilim means the art of weaving the threads from the puffballs in a specific pattern. Threads are in various patterns in the form of figures, shapes, lines, angle shapes and diagonal patterns that look mesmerizing. A network of the different color threads in different orientations provides different imprint patterns. Handwoven kilim rug has a firm texture and appearance. The artisans working in our company have the talent and skill to fabricate and provide the best finish to the kilim rugs with the removal of the extra threads. Saturate your room with a blend of the different colors on the kilim rugs that suits the background environment in your room. There are different techniques of tangling and wrapping the threads to generate a pattern. The color varies from shades of a dark color to light color thus making the imprints very charming in appearance. Spread the kilim rug on the floor and wash your wet feet.


Stone washed kilim rugs giving an aesthetic appearance to your home


Stonewashed kilim rugs are hand-woven meticulously by a team of skilled artisans working in our company. Get a modern look to your house with the spreading of the kilim rug on the floor. Get exclusive carving and designing on the stonewashed rugs. Remove any kind of stains by regularly washing the rugs. The texture of the kilim rugs remains stable for a longer time. Vacuum cleaning is a good option for removing the dirt on the rugs.

Punja rugsfor covering your living room floor


Punja rugs give a delicate elegant look. Our artisans use a blend of different materials for synthesizing various rugs. The texture of the rugs is very durable and strong. Rugs are light in weight, thus are easy to lift. The designs on the rugs are very articulate.

Get delicate accent rugs for bedroom


Accent rugs for bedroom will fill the small space. Availability of the rugs in a variety of different colors will add to the beauty of your room. Your bedroom will give a smooth appearance and brighten the space. Buy the rugs from our company at negotiable prices. Decorate the corners of your bedroom with small rugs having a good pattern and imprint designs.

Wide range of accent rugs for kitchen


Place the accent rugs for kitchennear the sink and remove the problem of stains and moisture on the floor. Live a new fresh experience by decorating the kitchen corners with small bright colored rugs.

Scatter rugs for bedroom adding to the inner value of your room


Scatter rugs for bedroom will provide a cozy and comfortable appearance. Protect your room from dirt, floor stains, and sound shock by layering the rugs on the floor of your bedroom. Get a warm feeling by touching your feet on the rug.



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