Table linens

Table linens

Classy and whimsical
table linens

We deliver top quality table linens boasting vibrant colors and unique styling including, table covers, placemats, napkins, and other kitchen textiles. These products will leave a lasting impression on everyone.

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Home decoration high quality table linens collection to give you an artistic impression

Artex Home Fashions started in 1986 in Panipat for designing the finest imprinted design collection of table linen coverings and the other fabric designs. The printed design on the table linens fills a customer’s heart with good emotions and feelings. Buy high quality table linens at the Artex Home Fashions Company site. The managing executives working in this company are ready to help you with the different price quotations of the decorative table linen collection. Table linen set come with different designs and imprints that suit the background environment of your dining room. Manufacturing different textile fabrics are our business venture. Maintaining the beauty of your dining room is essential and defines the significance and the essence of your life. A vibrant colorful collection of high quality table linens symbolizes your awareness in maintaining the highest quality standards.

Lively and vibrant high quality table linens

Get bright and high quality table linenswhich are of good quality and arebrightly colored from the Artex Home Fashions Company. Table linen set will solve your requirements to decorate your dining table. Beautiful table cloths will increase your appetite and will motivate you to dine with your family members or friends. Table linens have a traditional mix of beautiful color hues, pigment designs, and prints using the thread network providing an attractive appearance to your dining room. Follow the latest trends of decorating your table with our table linen collection. For many years now we have established ourselves as the best supplier of table linens in Panipat and the best exporter of table linens in Panipat. We have received success by investing in the textile fabrics designing and manufacturing business to provide the customers complete satisfaction.


Features of the high quality table linens

Some of the exclusive qualities present in the table linensare:

  • good quality texture,
  • high texture threads,
  • printed fabrics,
  • machine embroidery and
  • Hand-woven table linen textile fabrics.

Bright and decorative table linens in Panipat

Artex home fashions are one of the best suppliers of table linens in Panipat. Our company has all kinds of modern weaving machines, knitting machines, digital printing, and hand-woven machines to design any textile fabric. Table linens add to the beauty of your table. Table linens are intricately designed to decorate and furnish your table. Along with being a major supplier, we are also the best exporter of table linens in Panipat region of Haryana, India. Our company also provides many different varieties of kitchen napkins, mats, and table coverings to provide a colorful appearance to your dining room and kitchen. The designer fabrics that we provide add to the interior decoration requirements of your dining room. Get a fresh feeling after visualizing the different varieties of linens kitchen & table, kitchen mats, and napkins in the kitchen. Guests visiting your house feel happy and appreciate the artistic decoration of your living and the dining room. The table covers for the dining table are very appealing to the eyes. We have classy table linens and whimsical table linens which will make you feel excited and eccentric due to the different figurative patterns present on the table linens. There is a fine interconnecting meshwork of the thread designs and printed patterns on the table linens that look very intricate. Get table covers online at affordable prices after choosing the table linens as per your requirement on the Artex Home Fashions website. Buy table linens online by asking the complete feature requirements of the linen fabrics from our management experts at Artex Home Fashions.