Our inspiring Story

Crafting luxury since 1986, Artex Home Fashion is the name symbolizing quality and 100% client satisfaction in the home furnishings industry. Our founder Mr. Vineet Sharma laid the foundation of the award-winning rugs and carpets manufacturer in Panipat.

For more than 35 years, we have been continuously working towards the development of new designs, fancy yarns, latest colors, and fabrics keeping our customers well ahead in trends especially in home furnishings.

Over the years, we have strived towards creating a niche in scatter rugs, bath rugs, and cushion covers, which we have successfully achieved.


Our wide range of products includes

Our Clients

Leading Rugs and Carpets Manufacturers in India


Artex Home Fashions is one of the leading and most reputed manufactures of rugs and carpets in India. Being one of the top carpets manufacturers in India, we believe in offering 100% client satisfaction with better quality products. The reason behind our success in manufacturing high-quality products is our team of dedicated, well experienced, and knowledgeable craftsmanship in the industry. Offering home furnishing products since 1986, we precisely understand the needs and requirements of customers coming from different flavors of furnishing and designing. Our products are not only here to enhance the interior of your house but ensure you get quality products that last for years.

A few years back there were not many manufactures of carpets and rugs but now the industry is filled with importers and manufacturers of rugs and carpets. However, finding a good manufacturer who is offering quality materials is hard and sometimes customers have to settle with low-quality material. On the other hand, we never compromise on our quality in regards to offering quality products that are made of natural rugs. Our wide range of products consists of nothing but all-natural rugs and carpets in the market, and that is what makes us one of the leading rugs manufacturers in India. Other than this, each style of making rugs and carpets are unique and different from each other. We include traditional colors and designs by keeping the needs and requirements of customers in mind.


What makes us one of the finest and leading Carpet & Rugs manufactures in India?

The years of experience and expertise in manufacturing world-class products are one of the reasons that make us pioneer in the rugs and carpets manufacturing industry. Besides, we make sure we provide the best quality products and keep on serving our customers with high-quality offerings. As said earlier, we believe in offering natural fiber rugs and carpets to meet each customer’s needs flawlessly.


Other than offering natural rugs and carpets, we understand customers’ requirements precisely and hence design the products that cater to their needs and requirements. In fact, we believe in selling every product that fulfills customers’ requirements and that is what makes us stay ahead in the rugs and carpets manufacturing industry.

Apart from offering natural and best quality rugs and carpets, we are also considered one of the leading bath mats manufacturers in Panipat. Like rugs, we ensure to maintain a high level of quality products in regards to bathing mats. With an aim to offer high-quality products, we not only just provide natural products but make sure we live up to the expectations of customers. Whether it is rugs or bath mats, we always keep our customers’ interests and needs in mind. Indeed, the quality that we have maintained in offering the services has led us to develop a good relationship with our customers. Our wide range of bath mats or floor mats comes with reasonable prices that can fit everybody’s budget.

A comprehensive range of custom products

We are proud to announce that we use natural fabric and materials in all our custom products such as carpets, bathroom textiles, rugs, shower curtains, and so on. With excellent craftsmanship and expertise in crafting and sewing, make our products stand in the market and hence improve the interior of your house or the bathroom. Whether you are looking to buy carpets or shower curtains online, everything that you find here is hand-crafted to perfections and highly affordable. Moreover, we are experts in manufacturing an array of custom products such as cushion covers, Floor coverings, Table linens, bathroom textiles, and so on.