A creative way to decorate your home with cushion covers

Have you ever imagined having a beautiful room with beautiful wall paintings, good furniture, stylish cushion covers with embroidery to enlighten your spirit? You are the right place in Panipat where the Artex Home Fashions Company is present. A new designer living room with the best home décor cushion covers is what everyone desires but few achieve. Give a new momentum to your home décor with remarkable designs of cushion covers available with our company. 

Choose the best home décor cushion covers from us

Satisfy your dream and desire of having a wonderful home décor with a matching background. Allow yourself to sit and relax with your friends and colleagues. Get new fresh breaths of energy gushing through your mind, body, and heart by ordering colorful and bright personalized cushion covers range from us. We are here to provide you the best home décor cushion covers at affordable prices.            

We have a range of cushion covers available in different colors, sizes, and patterns exclusively for your living space. Have a cozy night's sleep by buying the best home decor cushion covers from us. Use our brightly colored cushion covers anywhere for example in your bedroom or living room. Give extra space to yourself, your friends, and your relatives by going through the different sets of cushion covers available in this company.

Fabricated personalised cushion covers for you

Delicate high-quality threads in different colors are used with the formation of knots in different orientations for designing soft, delicate, and velvety personalised cushions covers for your room. Threads having different colors form a network with the looping of the threads towards the end and formation of knots to ensure the formation of specific designs and patterns on the cushion covers. 

Attractive range of cushion covers 

Our company used handmade and machine weaving threads for designing an attractive range of the different cushion covers that fit your pillow. Buying the different patterns and floral designs of the cushion covers from our company is not worthless. Feel new fresh vibrant air inside your living room. Many people go for the do-it-yourself (DIY) cushion cover designing at home using a wooden frame with delicate threads but our hand-woven and modern machines-designed cushion covers are the best in the market.  

Different shades of personalised cushion covers

Make the visitors feel comfortable on the sofa sets. Cushion covers must be cozy and smooth so that you can lean against them while watching television or while chatting with a friend on a sofa. Get personalised cushions covers from us available in different shades and designs. Match the color and pattern of your cushion covers with the bed-lining sheet color and snug into your bed at night. 

Features of our desirable cushion covers

Let me name some of the good exclusive features that are present in the cushion covers like: 

  • Different color shades with saturation
  • Carving of different designs that look attractive
  • Washing of the cushion covers is easy
  • Stains do not stick easily on the cushion covers
  • Exclusive square shaped cushion covers
  • Delicate and finely printed cushion covers.

Place the personalized cushion covers wherever you want

You can place the personalised cushion covers in any place inside your home. Put the cushion covers in your living room, bedroom, garden chair, sofa or cushion and have a comfortable, peaceful, and satisfying feeling. Place the cushion covers on the sitting couch on the sofa of your living room or office and get a soft feeling. 

Beautiful designs and patterns of cushion covers 

Our company uses both hand-woven and machine-printed cushion covers to fill your life with excitement and enthusiasm. We have delicate designs, prints, fabrics, and texture cushion covers according to your desire and choice. All the designs go through a strict quality control process with the use of software for designing the cushion cover patterns. We also have fine embroidery carved patterns of cushion covers to satisfy your inner essence and desire. The price for buying the different sets of cushion covers is not expensive and you can satisfy your cravings of providing a beautiful look to your dining room. 

A good client base for Artex Home Fashions

We have a good base and network with various clients opting for different products like the custom cushion covers that our company manufactures and prints. Our company frequently ships different textile fabric products to the USA since many years now. Thus with consistent marketing, our client base is increasing every day mainly due to our dedication, honesty, and hard work. We provide different types of polyester, jute, and cotton fabrics for our client base in the USA and India. Serving clients with 100% satisfaction is our priority. Do not miss this wonderful opportunity of obtaining the cushion covers from our company.


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