Get an exquisite interior design decoration for your house

Who does not want their house to give a new decorative look with exclusive interior designing? Artex Home Fashions has an exclusive range of different hand woven rugs online. Message our customer executives and feel free to place the rugs buying order with us. The company is an initiative of Mr. Vineet Sharma in the region of Panipat in Haryana in the year 1986. Threads for weaving and manufacturing the rugs have a thick texture and are of the highest quality. Our company used hand weaving machines and modern machines for designing the rugs having various bright patterns. After designing the thread mesh-work in specific patterns our expert workers use different color dyes to give the rugs a very attractive look. Bath rugs absorb the excessive moisture content in the bathroom to prevent the accumulation of water in your bathroom. Search for the Artex Home Fashions hand woven rugs online and go through a range of beautiful rugs available for your home. Our company is in the business of rug designing for many years with a record of winning awards. Believe in the rugs we manufacture and feel the difference in the quality of the rugs that we manufacture.

Very beautiful and attractive hand woven rugs online for your house

Interior home decoration has become a necessity nowadays. The layering of the rugs on the floor of the rooms and toilets of your house gives a special shining appearance. Brighten the space in your house by ordering thehand woven rugs onlinefrom our company. Get a feeling of warmth by layering the rugs on the floor. The price of the hand-woven rugs suits your pocket. Hand-woven rugs give a different aesthetic appearance in comparison to the machine designing rugs. Convert the dull appearance of your living room and bathroom by using our delicate fabrication rugs. The embedding of embroidery and designs present on the rugs is very unique and exclusive. Get an array of different designs on the rugs like network, color patterns, mesh-work, curvy stripes, and line patterns which are very delicate and soft to touch with a thick texture. Customers recommend our rug designs to many other customers in various other regions of our country. Our company was a recipient of many awards in the past and hopes to maintain similar standards in the future. Being one of the leading rugs suppliers in Panipat we maintain the highest quality standards while manufacturing and designing the rugs.  

Buy premium quality digital printed rugs online

Our company’s digital printed rugs online use a variety of materials like nylon, polypropylene, wool, and acrylic. Our expert workers use different fabrication designs to synthesize rugs with new thread balls. The price depends upon the material which we use in synthesizing a printed rug. Get a collection of vintage, traditional and modern designs of rugs from our company. Digitally printed rugs are available in a variety of different sizes and dimensions with shades of different colors. Rugs on the floor of your living room provide a soft feeling on your feet and prevent the direct touching of your shoes or feet with the tiles on the floor.

A collection of digital printed rugs outdoor to cover your home stairs

Get a new refreshing and lively feeling by choosing the digital printed rugs outdoor to cover your home stairs from our company. Our expert workers use various patterns of knots with different types of threads to carve a specific pattern of rugs for the customers. We have specific machines to imprint decorative patterns to increase the beauty of the rugs.

Order kilim flat weave rug collection

  Order authentic and genuine kilim flat weave rug collection from our company. Our rug weavers are very professional to weave the network of threads with tassels having very fine designs. A blend of different colors on kilims is very attractive to look. Get any custom kilim collection from us according to the requirements of the customers.  

Buy a variety of indoor digital printed rugs

Buy indoor digital printed rugs from our company at affordable prices. Fit the indoor rugs in your living room and change the outlook of your room. Our expert workers carve specific designs on the rugs that look very delightful. We have a variety of designs having prior approval.

Get fabrication designs of Chindi rugs online

Get good quality chindi rugs online with tight hand-woven prints and fabrication designs. Use chindi rugs anywhere in your house like bedroom, living room, kitchen, or entertainment room. The color patterns of the Chindi rugs are vibrant and lively. The colorful colors will leave a lasting impression in the minds of visitors who come to meet you. Visit us on the website and get a quotation for the rug order queries.  


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